Selling is not always the solution, if you have trouble paying your mortgage, you can receive advice on what to do with your mortgage. His Casa Latina specializes in short sale and for closures. Let us find the best solution for you.

If selling your property is a decision under a market study we can fix the correct price according to the market and the neighborhood. A suitable price can help you have a quick sale. On the other hand, if the price is exaggerated this can cause a problem for its sale. The more day you find the property listed for sale, the lower your bargaining and selling power will be. Your real estate agent at Su Casa Latina will give you prices and features of the homes for sale in the neighborhood, including recent sales.

Get involved with the sale helps a quick sale, follow the advice of our real estate agent, first impressions are very important factors. So let our real estate agents advise you to make a quick sale!

Our real estate agent will establish a marketing plan together with you. A good marketing plan will attract the best customers to your door. The first 3 to 6 weeks when your house is in the market. There are many marketing plans for you to choose from and many of them depend on houses, areas, etc. Ask your agent which plan would be best to sell your house. When you own a qualified buyer who has submitted an offer. Your agent must make all written documents and ensure that they contain topics such as the legal description of the property, offer price, initial payment, financial arrangements, inspection rights, repairs, deposits, list of charges, etc. Ask all the possible questions to your agent before signing any document. Once I accept a contract without considering some questions, it may be too late to make changes.