Buying a property is a big step, let us give you our real estate advisors, so you can make this great decision with SECURITY and TRUST. Frauds, undue payments, hidden payments, high fees are some of the situations for which it is important to have a real estate consultant. Your Casa Latina, offers you a whole staff of real estate advisors, accountants, lenders, lawyers who assure you that you will be conducted SAFE AND TRUSTED.

The first step is to consider the money you have for the purchase of a property. If the purchase will be through a bank loan you should consider the initial payment and the monthly installments. To do this we must meet a pre-qualification to know our financial possibilities.

Also, it is very important to know the types of mortgage loans, current interest rates, interest rates for 30, 20 and 15 years, adjustable or fixed rate, PMI (private mortgage insurance), clauses of mortgage payments,

To determine the dream house we must start the search based on your needs. Schools for your children, public transport, hospitals, etc. Do not forget to know the prices of the houses in the area. Your duties as owners, taxes, resident associations, community restrictions, verify the physical structure, verify the deeds and / or title deed.

For the above mentioned it should be noted that the process of buying a house is not simple. The regulations, rules and laws that apply make it complicated. A real estate consultant advises you by providing simple and timely information. The real estate consultant guides you to make beneficial decisions based on tools such as market studies, specialization of areas, among others. A real estate consultant.